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Do not put your trust in money; put your money in trust.

Come to Kushal Infrastructure Industries and make intelligent investing in high yield Land. Kushal acquires land which can give good returns on your money invested and bid goodbye to risky investments.

Land Consolidation for R Zone (Residential Zone) and Agriculture
The difficulties that come in the process of Land Acquisition in India are immense, given the population density, variation in acquisition laws in each state and the type of land use in the country. With changing government policies, rates and stiffness of the owners it looks nearly impossible for any individual or new entrant to acquire land. The difficult process of negotiations and due diligence requires only specialists. As the name says, under this vertical we facilitate the process of land acquisitions for developers and investors for investment purposes or for any future development. We provide complete support on documentation, due diligence and negotiations with the landlords.

Why Land Investment in Delhi?
Once Master Plan 2021 gets implemented, NCR region will also get the benefit, land in Delhi will be provided as per the rate in NCR region. Delhi has all the basic facilities that any developed city requires such as Education, Courts, Hospitals, etc.

It is not easy to procure land in NCR but Kushal Infraproject Industries (I) Ltd has been meeting the commitments of providing fair deals for land investment. There are many companies that make false commitments of providing land but Kushal Infraproject Industries (I) Ltd is a genuine organization where you'll find genuine transactions.

Why Kushal Infraproject Industries (I) Ltd for land Consolidation?
We provide fair dealing, there are no disputed properties, local people involvement, even business mass cannot interfere. We have provided hugh landbase in each zonal plan such as:

» Zonal J » Zonal Plan K » Zonal K1
» Zonal K2 » Zonal L » Zonal L1
» Zonal MNP » Zonal P2  
Through our experience in real estate we are able to identify properties having excellent growth potential.  We assist you with the right way of acquisition starting from understanding the purpose of investment, handling negotiations with owners, interest holders and attorneys to complete legal documentation. We can acquire required land R Zone (Residential Zone) and Agricultural Land for our clients all over India.
We have knowledge of all Villages in Delhi.